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Dove Cottage, Grasmere

While living in Dove Cottage from 1799 – 1808, William Wordsworth wrote the most famous and best-loved of his poems including, “I wandered Lonely as a Cloud” and Dorothy Wordsworth wrote her, “Grasmere Journals”. See what inspired them, the beautiful landscape and their simple way of life.

Take an entertaining guided tour of Dove Cottage and hear about the Wordsworths’ daily life and stories about their famous visitors.

Entry includes a visit to the Wordsworth Museum and Art Gallery to experience changing displays and exhibitions of historic artefacts, original manuscripts and wonderful pictures by artists from the famous to the obscure.

This hub of art, literature and creativity has a programme of exhibitions and events from craft workshops and free childrens’ activities to fine art, photography and poetry.

8 miles from Townfoot Barn

8 miles from Townfoot Byre

8 miles from Townfoot Cottage

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