Project Description

Lakes Aquarium, Newby Bridge

The Lakes Aquarium allows you to visit creatures from the lakes of the world along with those a little closer to home too. From otters and diving ducks to marmoset monkeys and British sharks and rays.

Set off from a Lake District mountain top and follow the tranquil water flow to find jumping trout and river bank creatures. Leap over the paddy fields to Asia, homeland of the delightful and mischievous otters.

Walk through the incredible underwater tunnel, home to the breath taking diving ducks!
Don’t miss the worlds first virtual dive bell where you can discover just how fast a crocodile can swim!

The Lake Windermere collection of creatures includes one of Cumbria’s most iconic – the Artic Char. This fish was one of the first to enter the lakes after the last ice age and has eveloved and survived the test of time. As a glacial fish, it seeks out the coldest water within the lakes in which it lives, typically the deepest waters. For this reason it is seldom seen by the general public. Lakes Aquarium has a collection of Char that visitors can not only watch, but come to fully apreciate, thanks to an informed education programme delivered by their dedicated team talks.

12 miles from Townfoot Barn

12 miles from Townfoot Byre

13 miles from Townfoot Cottage

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