Project Description

Grizedale Forest Sculptures, Grizedale

There are over 60 sculptures scattered throughout the forest. Many of the sculptures are hidden among the trees, in a place that inspired the artist and you have to search them out. The locations are shown on a map and new sculpture guide, available from the visitor centre and you can visit them on foot or by bike. New sculptures are added each year. Others are allowed to naturally decay back into the forest so the collection is changing all the time.

Grizedale Forest, 10 square miles of natural woodland in the Lake District near Coniston Water, is a large area of completely open, accessible, and free forest and path which is managed and maintained by Forestry England.

It is the UK’s first forest for sculpture – its history as a site for sculpture in the landscape was established in 1977, in collaboration with the Forestry Commission by the then Grizedale Society, now Grizedale Arts based at Lawson Park. The Arts programme is led by Forestry England and will re-establish Grizedale Forest as a centre of international excellence for art and sculpture in the environment.

14 miles from Townfoot Barn

14 miles from Townfoot Byre

11 miles from Townfoot Cottage

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